Allumine Home Health services are carefully designed to help you achieve your best health.
We have a highly experienced team to help in three simple ways.

Allumine Home Health Services

After Surgery Care Services

When you get home from a surgery, who will ensure that you will be able to safely and comfortably get settled?  Once you’ve been discharged from the hospital, your risk of falls, mismanaged medications, and failure to meet dietary needs can greatly increase. With Allumine Home Health, you can feel confident that there is a plan in place to help you make the after surgery care transition to home successful. Below are just a few of the services we offer.

  • Changing dressings and draining fluids
  • Assessing post-operative progress and monitoring for signs and symptoms of infection
  • Administering medications and partnering with your physician should you have a need for a change in medication
  • Communicating your progress to your physician
  • Physical and occupational therapy to help restore your function to its highest level
  • Respiratory therapy to prevent pneumonia
  • Assisting with range-of-motion exercises
  • Light housekeeping
  • Bathing, dressing, and grooming and assistance with other activities of daily living

Respiratory Home Health Services

Medications, treatments, and symptoms related to respiratory diseases can be overwhelming.  The feeling of being unable to catch your breath requires a carefully designed treatment plan. Allumine Home Health can help you to be in control and catch your breath.

  • Oxygen therapy and instructions for safe use
  • Nebulizer treatments and medication teaching
  • CPAP/BiPAP setup and training for in-home use
  • Positioning and breathing techniques for enhanced comfort and relief
  • Anxiety management techniques and treatments
  • Exercise therapy to improve endurance and decrease symptoms
  • Home modification tips for safe and healthy environment
  • Fluid and dietary instruction for improved ease of breathing
  • Review and management of medications for pulmonary disease
  • Smoking cessation services
  • Disease education

Bowel and Bladder Home Health Services

Allumine Home Health understand the need for private management to improve bowel and bladder health.  Some of our specialized services include the following:

  • Catheter management and instruction in catheter care
  • Training in Clean Intermittent Catheterization using appropriate techniques to prevent infections
  • Preventative skin care instruction for incontinent patients
  • Instruction in timed voiding and urge suppression techniques for patients with urinary incontinence
  • Management and prevention of urinary tract infections
  • Fluid and dietary instruction for management and prevention of constipation
  • Review and management of medications impacting bowel and bladder function

Ostomy Care:

  • Assessment and management of stoma and peristomal skin for complications
  • Assessment of stoma type and placement to determine appropriate pouching system
  • Patient education on application of appropriate pouching system
  • Patient support during the learning process
  • Patient education about ostomy problems that may occur in the future (skin problems, constipation or diarrhea (colostomies) recognizing UTI’s (urostomies), peristomal hernias or prolapse
  • Patient education on daily living issues such as dietary restrictions (if applicable) travel tips, intimacy, clothing selection and exercise
  • Assist patients in obtaining supplies after discharge from home health

Infectious Disease and Cancer

Infectious diseases include sepsis, Hepatitis, pneumonia, HIV, influenza and more.  The care and recovery of these diseases can be overwhelming and difficult.  Our team of care providers with Allumine Home Health will be there to guide your recovery and monitor for changes.

Cancers can cause numerous debilitating issues.  With Allumine Home Health we can help you navigate the rehab you need to gain the strength and independence you need.

Heart and Circulatory System Home Health Services

Heart failure and fluid overload is the leading cause of re-hospitalization in the United States.  With proper education, medication management and monitoring by your Allumine care team, the symptoms and disease can be treated to give you the ability to stay at home symptom free.

  • Daily weight program
  • Tracking of edema
  • Monitoring for appropriate fluid medication dose
  • Education on disease process and living with heart failure

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Home Health Services

A musculoskeletal rehabilitation program is for people with impairments or disabilities due to disease, disorders, or injury to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, or bones. Musculoskeletal rehab programs can often improve the person’s ability to function, reduce symptoms, and improve the person’s well-being.

  • Fitting and care for casts, braces, and splints, or artificial limbs
  • Exercise programs to improve range of motion, increase muscle strength, improve flexibility and mobility, and increase endurance
  • Gait retraining and methods of safe ambulation (including the use of a walker, cane, or crutch)
  • Help with obtaining assistive devices that promote independence
  • Patient and family education and counseling
  • Pain management
  • Stress management and emotional support
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Ergonomic assessments and work-related injury prevention

Behavioral Home Health Services

Delivers a full array of mental health, substance abuse assistance, primary health and prevention/wellness promotion care services are available, integrated and coordinated. Your Allumine Home health team will :

  • Conduct weekly visits
  • Provide education and support for the family members and patients 24/7
  • Provide support and education on:
    • Medications,
    • Medication administration techniques
    • Disease processes
    • Coping skills
    • Safe interventions that enhance the patient’s independence and safety in the home
  • Provide frequent assessment and rapid handling of medical and behavioral health issues which can prevent ER trips and hospitalizations
  • Work in coordination with your doctor

Diabetes and Other Endocrine System Home Health Services

Allumine Home Health will focus on the education, monitoring, and treatment of patients with Type 1 and Type II diabetes.  Diabetes can be a debilitating disease if left untreated or is poorly treated. It places individuals at risk for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney disease, neuropathy, wounds, and blindness.

Patients who have frequent hospital admissions, diabetic wounds or foot ulcers, multiple new medications, patients new to insulin therapy, or underlying disease processes that may contribute to poor diabetic control, would benefit from our care team.

Our team will:

  • Collaboration with the patient’s physician
  • Customized client education materials
  • Client and care provider education and self-monitoring
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Foot assessment with follow-up education

Wound Care Home Health Services

Allumine Home wound care focuses on the treatment, healing of wounds, prevention of future wounds and our patients overall heath.  Your nurse will provide a detailed individualized care plan that follows the direction of your physician to ensure optimal healing.  We understand the complexity of your situation and can help.

Your team will provide:

  • Standardized evidence-based wound treatment protocols for specific types of wounds.
  • Recommendations for support surfaces or other devices to promote wound healing and to prevent additional wounds or complications.
  • Patient/Caregiver education regarding self-monitoring of signs and symptoms of complications, how to manage the wound in the home and how to prevent future wounds from occurring.
  • Counseling on the types of foods, supplements and diets that can promote wound healing as well as on activities appropriate to the patient’s condition to prevent wound related debilities.
  • Ongoing communication and collaboration with the patient’s treating physician regarding the patient’s progress toward healing as well as treatment options for wounds that are difficult to heal.

Wound Care Home Health Services

When your loved one is able to return home, we provide the proper care to help to make the transition as smooth as possible. We create goal-oriented treatment plans with your loved one’s therapists and physician to help your loved one regain independence as quickly as recovery allows.

We can help with:

  • Stroke
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • ALS
  • Myasthenia gravis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • CVA
  • Traumatic brain injury

Our team will help:

  • Improved mobility to decrease the chance of falls
  • Individualized strength exercises to increase physical abilities
  • Ability to better manage condition and symptoms
  • Nutrition for improved well-being
  • Preventing unwanted hospital visits
  • Transitioning to outpatient or self-care, with a plan for your loved one’s physician to follow-up

Complex Nursing Interventions Home Health Services

When you need the care only a nurse can provide, Allumine Home Health can provide the nurse you need.  Our team of home health nurses are experienced with hospital and home setting care.  Your team of nurses will address current symptoms as well as assess for future complications.  Our nurses will provide detailed assessment, education and medication intervention under the direction of your physician.

Your nurse will:

  • Check vital signs
  • Perform comprehensive full body assessment
  • Disease process education
  • Medication education
  • Intervention education
  • Communicate with your physician
  • Coordinate your care team

Meet Our Team

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists

When you’re recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, the process can sometimes mean learning how to complete daily tasks again. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work with you to help you regain mobility through a wide range of rehabilitation services.  Allumine Home Health delivers services according to a plan of treatment developed by patients, their family members, physicians and our home health staff to maximize independent functioning. Patients remain safe in familiar surroundings while family members and caregivers can also be involved. Our skilled professionals can help you after a serious illness, while you are recuperating from surgery or with the management of a chronic condition.

Registered Nurse Case Manager

You will be assigned a Registered Nurse Case Manager who will coordinate your care with other members of the team and handle any nursing needs.  The role of the nurse is to help prevent and relieve pain and other symptoms, and to teach caregivers ways to provide your care.  The nurse will make certain that necessary medical supplies and equipment are ordered and will assist in monitoring medications.  Regular communication with your physician will make certain that he/she is aware of your status and that orders are being followed.  Your Allumine Home Health nurse will try to anticipate your needs.

Social Worker

Recovering from a serious illness or injury can be a time of tremendous pain and confusion for you and your family. Because you must deal with emotions and challenges, a social worker may be assigned to help you and your family.  Services that may be provided by the social worker include:

  • Providing emotional support, counseling and guidance to the patient and family in coping with stress related to the illness;
  • Identifying community resources which are available to help you;
  • Assisting the patient and family with planning for funeral arrangements, nursing home resources, etc.;
  • Offering information about Advance Directives

Home Health Aide (CNA)

Our home health aide services are provided under the supervision of a Registered Nurse to patients who have a need for assistance with personal care.  Our home health aides have experience in caring for people in need and have been carefully chosen to provide care.  The home health aide may assist with bathing, hair care, shaving, skin care, linen changes, catheter care, and the patient’s tidying the patient’s immediate surroundings.  Home health aides are not permitted to dispense medications.  They will report any changes in the condition of the patient to the Registered nurse.

Spiritual Counselor

Allumine Home Health spiritual care is based on a high respect for the patients’ and caregivers’ personal faith and belief.  A spiritual counselor is available to assist patients and families cope with the significant spiritual issues that often arise during stressful times associated with changes in health.  The spiritual counselor does not impose his/her own beliefs or seek to change the beliefs of the patient or family but is available to meet you where you are.

Respiratory Therapist

Care is provided to people with difficulty breathing.  This includes assessments and treatment to alleviate shortness of breath and loud or labored breathing.  The Respiratory Therapist works with the Registered Nurse and the Physician to ensure that you can breathe easier.

Ask to find the best Home Health Provider

  • Are they licensed by the state?
  • Are they certified by Medicare?
  • Are they accredited by the Accreditation Center for Healthcare (ACHC) or other accrediting body?
  • Do they score well on the Home Health Compare website ?
  • Are the workers they send employees or contracted to provide the services?
  • Are the employees background checked and drug screened?
  • How much experience in home health do the employees have?
  • How does the company provide ongoing training for employees?

Frequently Asked Questions

When your physician determines that your condition requires you to remain in your home for rehabilitation and recovery, home health is designed to help you recover in the comfort of your home through rehabilitation and skilled nursing services.  Home care enables a person to live as independently as possible without having to give up the comforts of their own home. It allows them to be in a familiar environment, sleep in their own bed at night, and stay close to loved ones like family, friends, and pets. It also brings peace of mind to know they have access to skilled, consistent, reliable care when it’s needed, even if those needs change.  When compared to other alternatives of care, home care can be significantly more cost effective. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), at-home care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and effective.

Home health care requires skilled services. These services require a physician’s order and typically include services like nursing, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.  Home health care is covered by Medicare and most private insurances.  Personal care assistance involves unskilled services that are typically paid privately (not covered by insurance).  These services may include help around the house, transportation, bathing and some light meal preparation.

Home health is covered 100% by Medicare, and we accept most forms of insurance.  When you call our office, we can do a complete insurance verification and help to answer your specific financial and insurance questions.  Allumine Home Health strives to make sure you are fully informed of any out-of-pocket expense.

Different types of care require different certifications and training. Depending on your specific needs, the caregivers and clinicians coming into your home can vary. You could have different caregivers at different times of the day, week, or month as part of your care. Personal care and companionship services are most often provided by a home health aide (HHA) or certified nursing assistant (CNA). Private duty nursing care and home health care services are provided by registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs), physical therapists (PTs), occupational therapists (OTs), or speech language pathologists (SLPs). A medical social worker (MSW) can help individuals and family members connect with community resources.  Additionally, depending on the provider you choose, there may be other professionals who don’t come to your home on a regular basis, but can be instrumental in helping to manage your care. These experts may help with things like overseeing your overall care experience, coordinating schedules, billing insurance companies and Medicare directly, and verifying your benefits eligibility.

No. Home healthcare can be provided wherever home is—a private residence, a senior living community, or while staying with a friend or family caregiver.